What is the difference between `go build .` and `go build ...` on the go command line?


macOS 10.14.6
go 1.15.5

I am trying to work with the Golang package http://github.com/Seklfreak/discord-image-downloader-go. On the command line, if I try to build the workspace with go build ..., it tries to download all of the linked modules and it eventually fails on http://github.com/nats-io/nats.go.

If, however, I try to build with gobuild ., the operation proceeds silently and the package builds successfully.Obviously this doesn’t represent a showstopper, as I can actually build. I just wanted to fix this obvious flaw in my understanding of the go build command.

I did post a similar question on another tech forum, and to be fair the response was SO quick. A reply came within 1 minute, sadly it was only to delete what some higher intelligence deemed to be inappropriate use of the term Golang in the topic’s subject title.