What is a good Online learning platform for use at a Summer Python coding class?



I facilitate a Girls Who Code class at our public library. This summer, a couple of parents and I are planning to host a 8-week, 2 days per week, 2 hours per class to teach Python programming to girls in grades 6-11.

We have found a good resource for the syllabus (put out by Digital Ocean) and have a good idea about what to teach. We are planning to structure the class as 1 hour of concepts followed by 1 hour of actual programming exercises to reinforce the concepts.


  1. What’s a good resource for a comprehensive list of coding exercises that we can use to engage the kids for an hour in each class? (google search gets me a bunch of exercises that are all over the place. Leaning toward exercism.io but that is integrated with Github)

  2. Is there a good published course that we can “import” and teach in our class? (Looked at codeacademy, has a good course but it’s paid. Not a big deal but we will need to parents to signup their kids)

  3. Considering installing edX on an Azure VM and using that as a class/course management tool. Is that a good idea?

Any tips highly appreciated.


Book: Think Python

A great book for learning python and thinking about problems in a new way.

Dev Env: Cloud9

Great way to get exposed to linux and the terminal

Bonus: CS50

Great tutorials and introduction to CS concepts!


thanks for links. Think Python has a great set of exercises that are in line with out target age group.


You are welcome! :slight_smile: