Visual introduction to convolutional neural networks


Hi everyone,

Are there any known good visual explanations of what a convolutional neural network (CNN) is and how it works?

I’ve found which is pretty good. I’m new to the topic and I’d like to find more resources to have a better high-level view of this topic as I dive deeper into it.



Hey vdemario!

Great question. I have done research into this specificaly in the context of image recognition and natural language procrssing.

I have found some excellent visuals on the blog of Dr. Satya Mallick. Here is an introductory post from him that links to several further explanations. His stuff deals primarily in methods of ML as they pertain to image processing. As I think about it, maybe that’s why he leans toward sophisticated visuals ;).

Disclaimer on Dr. Mallick: I would not call his instruction materials or his demeanor ‘inclusive’ (so don’t imitate the way he talks, lol). That having been said, whoever designs his diagrams does an excellent job.

He does a course called Learn OpenCV, and the first module of that does a great visual explanation of the convolution kernel.


That looks really good @chelseatroy, thanks! I’m interested in image recognition as well so this fits well with what I’m looking for.