Upcoming #AQChat events next week


I’m happy to announce that our second and third #AQChat conversations will be happening Thursday and Sunday next week!

On Thursday, July 26th from 8-9 PM EST, @cat-turner will be hosting a chat about learning how to learn new skills and technologies faster

And on Sunday, July 29th from 1-2:30 PM EST, @acnagy will be hosting a chat on remote work, support engineering, and product work

When the chats happen, just like the first one on event organizing, each question will be one forum post on here that folks will talk about in the comments; similar format to the ones on CodeNewbies and NLPNewbies on Twitter, but on AQ.

We hope to see you at the chats, and if you know anyone you think would want to join them, please let them know about the chats!