Unwanted emails



So I’m now getting unwanted emails with summaries of everything that’s going on on the site with no way to turn it off?

What a horrible, horrible policy. I understand the desire to drive engagement, but no obvious way to opt out except to delete the account?


Hi. You can edit the preferences (which are just the Discourse defaults) in your profile. If you replace askquestions_admin with your username in the URL below you can get right to the page to do this on: https://www.askquestions.tech/u/askquestions_admin/preferences/emails


@gilles it would be https://www.askquestions.tech/u/gilles/preferences/emails

Uncheck activity summary, and any other you are not interested in.


OK; thanks. That is so strange; I would swear the Emails link was not there; I went link-by-link looking for somewhere to manage this.

Appreciate it, and happy to learn that there’s a way to do this!


Fun little tip I often find myself using:

You can use the “my” route for your own preferences too. Just replace u/username with my: