Personal cloud recommendations



I’m thinking of setting up a simple home server to replace my Google based cloud storage. I found something promising a while back, software I forget the name of, maybe owncloud or similar. It would have been open source and compatible with Android backups/sync.

I would like to run it on some basic old hardware, no specialty boxes.


I used OwnCloud a few years back and it was fantastic. I guess it really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish but if you’re just wanting a place to put your Android backups it may be a bit overkill – a simple file server might be more what you’re looking for.

But now you have me curious about what changes they’ve made in the past few years so I’m putting it back on my VPS.


I would like full Android sync, photos, etc. Then possibly our computers. And maybe one day a media server. So something extensible or feature rich.


Hmm well OwnCloud is more collaboration than backup I think. You’re looking for something like Carbonite but FOSS and locally installable.

Nothing comes to mind but I’ll Google around.


Thanks so much your help, I like the sound of OwnCloud just from the features section on their site. I’m definately open to other suggestions though. It’s nice that they have official packages so I can just install something like suse server and configure it.


I really recommend Synology NAS. It runs Docker, it’s open, it can sync from ALL your other clouds.


I’ve heard great things about Synology, could I have an app keep my photos, etc from my phone backed up? I’m looking to replace Google in that respect. Keep possession of my data.


There’s also Nextcloud. It’s a fork of Owncloud. Basically lot of devs weren’t happy with the Entreprise Edition (Open-core model) of Owncloud so they created Nextcloud. It’s 100% Free and Open Source.

They have an android app.

You can run it on a raspberry pi so I’m sure that “basic old hardware” should also work :slight_smile:.

Btw, if you need an Online Office Suite, it’s also possible to use Collabora Online Office


Cool, that looks awesome. Thanks for the link :blush: