Multiple fileservers on one machine


Hello, sorry if this is a little out of the norm. I have a question about filerservers, this seemed like a reasonable place to ask.

I am curious about running multiple filerservers on the same path on the server to provide the same content to different clients that would essentially use one or the other. Does anyone have any experience with this? It seems like something that depending on the fileserver might not work at all, or might work perfectly fine. But also maybe sometimes hidden catastrophic issues.

In this case I am looking to provide ftp service on the same path that windows file sharing is on, on a local network. Specifically to get around a max client limit of 20 users on windows 10? sheesh.

I’m only using Windows for this because I am using BackBlaze personal backup to get a steal of a deal. I might rather be using a mac instead but haven’t really provided smb to a bunch of windows clients from a mac.


If it is read-only access then I can’t imagine why you’d run into any issues.


Thanks for the reply!

I do need both read and write.

I actually started testing it out and it looks like windows explorer support for ftp is terrible and using an ftp client is not a good solution, and i hear smb on macOS doesn’t have great performance.

Since this whole idea is a little ridiculous I’ve decided to go another route, a nice Synology NAS and BackBlaze B2. I’ll be paying more monthly, but not a vary large amount and it should work great… we’ll see :smiley: