Interaction Diagrams and Interfaces



I have the following design diagram and I have to add an interaction diagram:


I’m currently thinking something along the lines of this, but it seems to simple:

Does that seem right to y’all? I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I am sorta stuck.


Interaction diagrams are generally for the interaction between collections of objects. As such, including interfaces could cause confusion and don’t really add any clarity. If you really wanted to make it clear, you might consider putting the << interface >> label in the object box, but it’s probably not necessary.


Thanks @dancrumb. That’s what I’m thinking, but I ended up including it anyway with a note explaining why. It was a weird assignment.



Ultimately, the trick with UML is to remember that it is a tool for communicating ideas and bending the “rules” is always acceptable if it facilitates clear communication!

Good luck with future assignments!!