How to show agreement or correctness


Given some question, and an answer that you know to be accurate or truthful, what is the correct way to show agreement? I feel that there’s some subtle difference from “liking” a response, but maybe not?

To be more pointed, is “liking” something tantamount to agreeing that this is the correct answer?


I think people should agree, yes.


@mcwumbly, a question on Discourse’s abilities. For the discourse-solved plug-in will it allow multiple answers in a thread to be marked as solutions?

Alternatively, is there a way to add a new type of “like” that indicates “correctness”?


I like the idea of having a way of marking things solved. It will help future users looking for answers find the solution.


The solved plugin only allows a single post to be marked as “the answer”.

There is also a plugin called the “retort” plugin which allows something more akin to Slack’s reaction emojis. I think you can customize the set of emojis allowed, which could give you a way to indicate other kinds of qualities for a given post.

I’ve never seen that done in action, but it came up recently here:


That’s a really cool idea, having a scoring method. To sort of rank answers as there may be multiple correct answers, some better or more preferred than others.


This looks great. @mcwumbly Do I have to contact support to install a plugin on a hosted instance?

What emoji’s do we want to be available? My initial thoughts:

:clap: - great answer
:ok_hand: - works (at least in some cases)
:stop_sign: - potentially dangerous

What does the hourglass emoji mean here?

I love those. What about an hourglass to say “This answer is outdated”. Probably not relevant yet, but will be helpful over the years, as answers are relevant only to old frameworks and such.


I really like the idea of a potentially dangerous reaction.


Yes, if you’re on one of the hosted plans then plugin installation will have to be done by them, and that may or may not be included in the given hosting plan you have.


These are all great suggestions! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found an answer, and then discovered it was for a much older version, or deprecated, etc, so I really love the “hourglass” reaction.


We’re on the new server and have the retort plugin installed and enabled and those 4 emojis are allowed. :tada:


I like the multiple emoji reactions.

If I ask a question, what’s the equivalent of the “accepted answer” on StackOverflow?

One of my questions on there had answers that helped me find the solution, but weren’t the full implementation, for example, so an emoji that means something like “this was the most helpful but wasn’t actually the answer” would be useful.


I think we addressed your question without using those exact words in this question:


I usually think an hourglass means I should wait. Perhaps a skull (with crossbones?) would be better for outdated.