How to choose a good topic for a Golang Meetup



Hello. I am now organizing the Go meetup in my city. I have the date for my first meetup (03/12) but I don’t what could be a good topic? I mean something interesting for the community about using Go. Could you suggest me how to find good topics?


Hey there. When you first start a Go meetup, you’ll find that many of your attendees are new to Go and are looking for guidance on how to get started. I’ve started two separate meetups in different cities and have noticed that by easing people into Go with some 1-2 hour workshops, you’ll give your attendees something valuable they can take away from the first few meetups you hold.

I’ve created several step-by-step workshops that you are free to use, improve or fork for your needs:



Here are the other links (sorry, was limited to 2 links per post)


Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to help.


Thank you so much for the information. I will take a look at the repos and let you know if I have questions. @jboursiquot


The first event at Boston Go was a bar night at Cambridge Brewing Company and Women Who Go is about to have a re-inaugural dinner. I think meet n greets are a good lead-off event for a Go meetup so organizers can see where everyone’s at in Go experience-wise and what people are interested in. Though if you do a bar night, I recommend looking for a bar that’s also a restaurant so Gophers who aren’t old enough to drink can attend and look for a bar that isn’t totally “bro” so people don’t choose not to attend if they feel alienated by bro culture (and so it’s easy for people to hear each other talk!)

As for the first meetup, if I was starting a Go meetup from scratch, I think an install-study-hack night would be a great event so both newcomers and more experienced developers want to participate. Another thing BG did early on was hold Transitioning to Go meetups for folks coming from other languages, which you could advertise with the organizers for other languages’ meetups


Also Jen Andre’s and are some of the workshops Boston Go had and were huge hits. We also more recently had a Go version of the game show Chopped where people make a Go app or package with four random packages from the standard library, though for that one you want at least 2 hours of coding so teams have plenty of time to build something


Wow those are really good ideas. How did you manage the money part of the event? Was it sponsored? or just everyone payed by their own? I have no sponsors here and I was planning to buy a couple pizzas and some beers direct from my pocket.
The meetup was already done in the past just that the previous organizer.


Boston Go has had food/space sponsors since 2015. I’d recommend talking to organizers of other meetups, tweeting, etc to look for a space to hold this. If you’re waiting for a sponsor, though, public libraries are also a good space to check out


If you’re not already on there btw, I highly recommend joining the #meetup-organisers channel on Gophers Slack!


I didn’t know about that channel. I’ll be there asking about how to get a sponsor. You know maybe a couple of pizzas and some beers don’t seem a lot but here in developing countries can impact your budget.


Not to counter @jboursiquot, but I think that almost every Go meetup that I’ve been to has been somebody’s first Go meetup, and sometimes their first meetup ever. We definitely have our regulars, but there’s always new faces.

I wish that my local meetup had workshops, but I think that our space isn’t always conductive to it. What I have really enjoyed is when someone comes in and talks about how their company of project uses Go in terms of their overall architecture, and what makes it good fit.