How prevalent is app automation with Guile?



Hi, I’m working on a Linux desktop application, and I’m coming from a background of Mac apps where automation with AppleScript or Automator is, while not exactly ubiquitous, welcomed by power users. I know that Guile is a GNU technology for automating Linux apps, but is it common? Would power users on the Linux desktop expect to see Guile or something else for automation?


Hi Iamleeg!

Good Q. I don’t know the answer myself, but someone comes to mind who might. If I’m not mistaken she has extensive experience with Linux. I’ll send her a link to this question :slight_smile:



Shell scripting is the most widely used technology for automation in Linux. Simple calls with no or a few parameters are often handled with command line flags, which connect to a running version of the application and execute the command there. There isn’t a single widely used technology for less trivial automation.

The Linux world is pretty heterogenous. A popular application would likely end up supporting scripting via various languages pretty soon. It would probably make sense to have a shared library, which can be called from any language with FFI, and initially ship with a thin wrapping around that for Guile (Scheme), an embedded Javascript interpreter or Python.