Hi I'm fascinated by the Cheshire Cat


Before I get to introducing myself, I want to point out that I heard about this site from a very interesting article and am so happy that there is finally a site dedicated to inclusion along with teaching new developers. With all the bad press I hear about the tech community and from friends who are just starting out as new developers, it seems like inclusion and a little humanity would go a long way. And not to bash but SO can be a super toxic community.

Anyway, I’ve been a software engineer for about 5 years now working out of San Diego and would classify myself more as a generalist than a specialist. I started in VB.NET then got caught up in the Microsoft machine after playing around with ASP.NET, SQL, PLSQL, and of course HTML and CSS. These days, I work more with Docker, .NET Core, Typescript, Angular, React, D3js, and Azure.

Also, if you can’t tell - I think dat Cheshire Cat is the bee’s knees.


Article reference if anyone is interested: https://medium.com/@Aprilw/suffering-on-stack-overflow-c46414a34a52