First Ruby project



I’m starting to think about writing my first #ruby project. I’ve been studying a bit and am wondering what others think.

Would you recommend building a small but complete application with rails? Or write some small scripts and utilities to learn more of the base, standard library?

I’m leaning toward to full application because I would learn a lot about Rails in the process and have something to show off my new skills with. I have experience writing both small utilities and production web apps in Go already.


I would just do a rails project. If you’ve never used rails before, work through Hartl’s Rails Tutorial.


Awesome, I haven’t yet. Thanks for this link. :heart:

#4 has some really good tutorials for Ruby without Rails. I found diving straight into Rails to be a bit daunting, and preferred to take it more slowly, but YMMV.


It depends on your level of experience with MVC frameworks. Do you already know how MVC works? Do you know any other high-level, interpreted languages? What are your goals for learning Ruby?

Rails is a big framework with a lot to explore, but it’s probably doable if you already have experience with OOP/MVC. On the other hand, it could be fun to do something in Rails if you already know MVC and are just trying to learn Ruby itself.

If you need the web capabilities of Rails for your project but want to learn Ruby within a smaller framework, try Sinatra first.


If you do decide to go with Sinatra, these are tutorials I found helpful: [done at CodeBar 23/09/2017]

For Rails, I followed but found it too big a conceptual leap as I didn’t know MVC or database interactions at that stage. I really should go back and have another go!


Thanks @docljn and @katiekeel, I have minimal MVC experience. Just some JS and Angular, so I am familiar with the general concepts. I’m getting excited about this, I need a holiday to play around :slight_smile:


Cool, good luck! If you want practice with plain old OOP Ruby but don’t feel like messing around with an in-browser tutorial, you can use the material at - it’s Turing School’s curriculum and it’s free/OSS.


Thank you, I’m sure I will be back with lots of questions along the way.


Seconding Hartl’s Rails tutorial - so much excellent information there.