Click counts beside the links -- what do they do and can I opt out?



As a new user, I’ve noticed that the links in posts are displayed with a badge containing a number beside them. It seems that the number is a click register, and it gets updated when I follow the link.

Although I don’t think this kind of tracking to be particularly creepy or pervasive, I do feel that the numbered badge can be distracting and interfering with the text content of a post.

I wonder if there is a setting for turning them off? If click-count tracking can be completely opted-out (i.e. no counting takes place), it would be great. If you do have a valid reason to keep this information, would you share the reason with us? Also, if this form of tracking is part of the site’s design goal, is there a way to stop displaying them as a user option?

Thank you for your interest.


The click count lets me know that pretty much nobody every follows the links I put into my replies. :wink: This is potentially useful feedback about how much effort we should invest in “incidental” items…