Are self answered questions encouraged or discouraged?


I decided to do more self answered questions on stackoverflow recently. Then April Wensel pointed out some problems with stackoversflow on twitter and suggested this as an alternative.

Is that sort of thing encouraged here?


There have already been a few self-answered questions here.
So I’m pretty sure it’s ok, since why wouldn’t it be? It shows your learning progress and also helps any other people that have the same question.


Well to be quite frank its a very “stackoverflow” like feature, and I’m coming here as a stackoverflow true believer that has been told stack exchange is very toxic for some people.

Being I don’t yet “see” the toxicity of stackoverflow, I’m kind of blind as to which of the things I love about it are good or bad for the community.


@zippy1981 not all SO features are bad! what this site is trying to do is fix the toxic tone problem. For more information, read this article by April Wensel. I think that might help you see a bit more.

As for answering your own questions, I think that’s fine! Sometimes you just have to rubber duck it and by typing out the question, you get the answer. Your answer might still help someone else!


@zippy1981 it’s totally acceptable :blush: