AQs Logo Design





I like this cute dog.


That is a fantastic dog. Love it! The question marks for glasses is great.


The one with the stain below the ear?


do you want to see more sketches? Or it is OK with that one. I just want everyone agrees with one in order to go to the next step


Yes the one with the stain. For me it’s that one.


I really like the dog too, and have noticed that you have rather than the correct

Not a big deal now, but could be if it’s not corrected :slight_smile:


Thank you @docljn we will correct it.


Yes, the one with the stain below the ear. :slight_smile:


For Go meetups in New England I could draw a pic of that pupper pair programming with the Go Gopher to announce this site to local Go communities too!


Wow that sounds great!


I’m building the first illustration.



And here we go with my first try



I think it looks great :blush:


What about colors? Do you think we can make it with one or two colors?


I think a bit of color would be nice. cc @alison


First of all I love it.

I’m okay with a color version but having a quality black and white version like this is really nice to have for a variety of reasons. Also, we need the .tech at the end of askquestions since it’s not a standard TLD.


What are your comment folks? Have you decided something?