#AQChat 1 starts in one hour!


The first ever #AQChat is going to be kicking off soon and the topic is tech event organizing! If you’ve ever wanted to organize a meetup, conference, or workshop, or you have organized and want to share your wisdom, you’ve come to the right place!

While AQ is not affiliated with CodeNewbie, this chat will have a similar format to the CodeNewbies chats; there will be a question added to the chat as a topic every 15 minutes for people to talk about, and at the end we will have one more post about shoutouts! As the chat is going on, feel free to post your own questions as well with the hashtag #AQChat in the title!

Also, if you’re new to AQ (welcome! :tada:), this site is a compassionate, inclusive alternative to bigger tech Q&A sites, so please follow the rules on https://www.askquestions.tech/faq in this #AQChat, and do not harass, bully, or condescend to others or post hate speech on this chat!