#AQChat 1 question 2: What were your best experiences at tech events as a normal attendee


A big part of organizing is keeping a normal attendee’s perspective as you run your event. So what were your best experiences at tech events as a normal attendee (non-organizer, non-speaker)?

#AQChat 1: Event organizing - Q1: What sorts of challenges have you faced, or think you might face, as an event organizer?

I’m a huge fan of DevOpsDays Boston (I assume conferences count?) because there are tons of instructions about where everything was, the attendees are encouraged to be open - and always are because the tone/CoC is clearly defined, and then the talks are always super interesting.

As an attendee, I really respect events that make a big effort to reducing friction, because it makes it easier to concentrate and engage.


For me, as a normal attendee, any of the GopherCons counts as this. The Go community really does a great job at being welcoming, and in particular, this year at :hamster: :iceland:, the emcees Cassandra Salisbury and Andy Bonventure gave a shoutout to first-year Gophers, who are now the majority in the #GopherDen, which includes a lot of people who are not necessarily really active in Go Twitter.

I also really liked GothamGo’s NYC scavenger hunt because it was a great way to break up the talks with socializing, and the socializing wasn’t at all “bro” places!


For me the things I remember most about my favorite technical events are the people. I think delivering technical content is almost secondary to providing a venue/space for people to connect personally.

I think GothamGo does a great job of fostering this.


I also really love events that have socializing that’s different and not all about food/drinking - I have a ton of food sensitivities so it’s almost a given to me that a “good” event won’t make this a barrier to taking part in stuff


Also outside of Go, the new #NLPNewbie chat, which happens half an hour before the CodeNewbies Wednesday chats, is awesome. I have never written a line of NLP code, but I saw them through a CodeNewbie chat and joined this week and they were really welcoming and excited to share their knowledge. In general I think events that do a good job including their newcomers are the best kinds since a lot more different perspectives from folks who aren’t Twitter-famous come into the community!


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Totally! I haven’t been to the 2-day GothamGo, but I really liked the scavenger hunt with everyone acting like tourists in the 1-day event. Unfortunately I had to miss GopherCon Iceland’s Community Day this year, but having a pretty compact city meant it wasn’t that hard to bump into other Gophers and socialize


Small Scale:

Something simple like asking about me is a great way to start. I like meetings where the meeting lead asks that each person introduce themselves and why they are here (at event) that day. If gives a chance to break the ice and already feel included.


Totally! That’s what I love about CodeNewbie/NLPNewbie’s chats, they’re designed to be open to people of any experience level in the topic to participate, and then other people comment off of your posts so you make connections from day 1