#AQChat 1: Event organizing, Q0 - Introduce yourself!


Welcome to the first ever #AQChat on askquestions.tech! :confetti_ball: :dog: This chat, like the one CodeNewbies has, is a chat series for folks of all different experience levels to talk about lots of different topics in tech, and the theme for the first one is event organizing. If you’ve always wanted to organize tech events like meetups, conferences, or workshops, or you’ve organized and want to share your wisdom, you’ve come to the right place! All experience levels, including first-timer organizers are welcome!

While AQ is not affiliated with CodeNewbie, this chat will have a similar format to the CodeNewbies chats; there will be a question added to the chat as a topic every 15 minutes for people to talk about, and at the end we will have one more post about shoutouts! As the chat is going on, feel free to post your own questions as well with the hashtag #AQChat in the title!

Also, if you’re new to AQ (welcome! :tada:), this site is a compassionate, inclusive alternative to bigger tech Q&A sites, so please follow the rules on https://www.askquestions.tech/faq in this #AQChat, and do not harass, bully, or condescend to others or post hate speech on this chat!

Now without further ado, for question 0, introduce yourself! Let us know your name, which tech communities you’re in, and either which events you’ve organized, what kinds of events you want to organize, or both!


I’m &y Haskell from Boston, and the tech community I’m involved the most in is the Gophers (the Go programming community)! As an organizer, I became an organizer at Boston’s Go meetup after one of the organizers moved to CA and have been organizing that #GopherDen for 3 years, and this year, I was on the organizing team for Boston’s Global Diversity CFP Day workshop. Both of those I kind of fell into the cockpit of, so I’m coming from the perspective of someone who picked up event organizing as I was doing it.

Also don’t ask me about Pokemon or sloths unless you want to have a 45-minute conversation


Howdy! My name is Cat! I am a newbie to event planning for code-related events! I’ve just finished wrapping up a gobridge event in Providence! When it comes to planning events, I’m all about the collaborations! I like looping different groups into an event, such that an event is actually an epic meeting up multiple groups!


Hi! My name is Ayan George and I’ve been running a meetup in Florida for a bit over a year now.


Hi, hi! I’m Anna, also from Boston :slight_smile: I’m also involved with RGSoC for a bit over a year - RGSoC is a Berlin/distributed community for supporting women/non-binary folks getting involved in open-source. I also one of the organizing team for Boston GDCFP day this past winter, and ran Support Driven’s remote meetups for a time. I’m big into inclusivity in tech, especially across-tech disciplines!


Question 1 has been posted, by the way!


Hello, I am Eduar from Mexico. I’ve been organizing the Go meetup in Monterrey. This is my first time organizing an event.