Accessibility issues with the site



There are a number of accessibility bugs with the site. I can put together a list of the bugs and pseudocode for the potential fixes, but I don’t know if I should report them here or at Discourse. I could theoretically write patches for Discourse, though my Ruby isn’t the strongest and I’ve not looked at the code. :woman_shrugging:t4: What would be the preferred method to address them?


If you write the pseudo code and outline the issues i can take a crack at the patches.


Awesome! I’m about to go on vacation but I will get to that is soon as I get back.


My preference is to be good neighbors and contribute directly to Discourse.


Yes. You’re right contributing upstream is the way to go but sometimes it takes time for a patch to be integrated. Also, I notice that the colors (at least for the dark theme) aren’t WCAG AA compliant. It would be nice to have a theme with high contrast. I’m willing to help! :slight_smile:.

So may I propose something? Would you be open to the idea of putting the source code of the website in a git repository so we can all help to make the website better?


The Discourse software is already open source.


This is all pretty much standard and trivial change management, but someone should write it down…


  1. AskQuestions.Tech admins create a GitHub organization if they don’t already have one.
  2. AskQuestions.Tech admins fork
  3. AskQuestions.Tech volunteers create feature/bugfix branches. They could either do this as members of the AskQuestions.Tech organization or by submitting pull requests from their own personal forks to the AskQuestions.Tech fork.
  4. AskQuestions.Tech tests the feature/bugfix branches and submits pull requests to Discourse.

In parallel to Discourse evaluating the pull requests, AskQuestions.Tech has the option to run its own merge of all the branches. There is never a hard fork of the code, yet AskQuestions.Tech doesn’t have to wait on an official release upstream. Depending on how quickly the Discourse team can absorb and release the changes, the AskQuestions.Tech may never diverge from Discourse at all.


So first of all, I won’t be doing that (might re-evaluate in a year, but not definitely not in 2018). This is a tech q and a site, not a software project. You want to change this site, change the Discourse open source project.

Second, I don’t like the condescending tone of “This is all pretty much standard and trivial change management”. It’s not appropriate for this site.


I apologize for the inappropriate tone.

On the other matter, I appreciate your concerns about scope control.